Tree Removal Gold Coast

Urban Arb Solutions can conduct a Gold Coast tree removal at an affordable price in your location. Large trees with an abundance of green foliage enhance property value, beautify the landscape while giving cool shad too. The same trees, however, can become extremely hazardous and pose a threat to life and property in certain circumstances.

Instances Demanding Tree Cutting & Removal

It is only prudent to make a timely decision and call in the professionals providing tree removal and cutting services. The following are some of the primary reasons when you need tree cutting services:

  1. Trees are often infected by diseases making their roots weak and the branches brittle that poses a threat.
  2. The surroundings structures and utilities are already affected or are posing a direct threat due to intruding roots.
  3. When installing a new structure like a new swimming pool or extending your building some trees will have to be removed.
  4. The tree is increasingly becoming a threat to your building with its falling leaves, twigs and even branches causing gutters and drainage systems to become blocked continually.
  5. The tree is absorbing too much nutrient from the soil making it difficult to maintain the garden.
  6. A fully grown tree that has become an obstruction in any way.

Hire the Veterans with Modern Approach

As veteran professional arborists, we work as the situation demands using a combination of techniques that include manual and mechanized ones. At each step of the work from felling to removal, we ensure that no damage is caused to the property or areas around. We leave the premises only after we have picked up everything that has fallen from our work.
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Tree Pruning

To prune out dead, diseased and damaged branches in trees (pruning back to sound growth point where possible). Excellent for trees that are prone to trunk/branch failure caused by wind and trees which have established too many branches within the crown.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the removal of branches lower down on the tree, which effectively “lifts” the under canopy of the tree away from the ground. This is often done by removing branches which may be impacting on paths, roads, or structures. Crown lifting lets more light pass beneath the tree and may help create a more aesthetically pleasing shape.
For most types of trees, the best practice is to avoid clearing more than one-third of a tree’s height as the lower branches assist with the stability of the tree in strong winds. Most tree structures tend to have larger lower branches which require like any other tree parts require correct pruning techniques to minimize wounds which are entry points to pathogens and disease, ie; fungal infections, disease or rot.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning aims to keep the general shape of the tree, whilst reducing the weight/load of branches in the crown. This lets more light into the canopy and allows air to circulate more freely. Light and air are beneficial to a tree, allowing the leaves to make more food (photosynthesis) and reducing constant moisture, increasing the risk of rot and fungal infections setting in.
Skilful crown thinning, as performed by a qualified Gold Coast arborist, gives the tree renewed growth and vigour, whilst managing the weight and structure of the tree. Unsympathetic crown thinning however can be damaging to a tree. Removing too much foliage, and too many branches from the centre could de-stabilise a tree and make it more prone to damage or collapse in high winds.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is an overall minimisation of the crown by shortening branches from the top all the way down. Crown reduction is usually carried out when the tree has outgrown the space available for it to continue to grow. Because of the scale of this operation, a crown reduction can be stressful and sometimes damaging to a tree. It should only be performed as a last resort, and only by our skilled Gold Coast arborist services. Effective crown reduction is not tree topping or tree lopping. These practices harm trees and are not effective at making trees healthier or safer.

Weight Reduction

Weight reduction involves shortening over-extended, end-heavy lateral branches throughout the canopy. This is done for the same reasons as crown reduction, but is limited to just lateral branches and does not include reduction of the height of leading stems in the upper canopy. This is the primary pruning method to improve safety and reduce the risk of falling branches.


Tree Mulching Services

At Urban Arb Solutions, in accord with our services for a tree removal in Gold Coast regions, we utilise a reputable make of wood chipper and in brief, this machine is equipped with the latest safety features capable of chipping hard timber of up to 18inches in diameter.


Stump Grinding Services

After tree removal, the stump grinder which consists of a fast rotating wheel with protruding attachments, strike the stump, gradually destructing the stump piece by piece into mulch to below ground level.

The service of stump grinding offered is of minimal restrictions. Our machine is one of the most agile machines, with the ability to access through tight areas at only 840mm wide.


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Palm Tree Cleaning Services

Looking for palm tree cleaning services in Robina, Tallai, Palm Beach, Coomera and Mudgeeraba areas? We provide the best services to the customer at an affordable rate.

Palm Tree Needs Regular Cleaning

Regular palm tree cleaning is a must to maintain the tropical look that they provide to a property. If not cleaned regularly, the falling branches are likely to cause obstructions, while the fond that remains on the tree gives it an unsightly look. Moreover, the falling berries fill-up the driveways, paved areas, gutters and even spoil the pool. The fallen berry pods are an invitation to bats and other hazardous creatures to visit your property that you surely would not want.

Experienced Arborists with Professional Expertise

At Urban Arb Solutions, we have more than twenty years of experience as arborists and are equipped with the latest tools to handle all species of palm cleaning in, Tallai, Palm Beach, Coomera and Mudgeeraba. We cater to residential and commercial clients cleaning palms on the property to give them a unique look.

We take care when trimming the dying or the dead fronds, removing the seed pods and the berry bunches that come from them. Due to the height, some palms grow to, it is a thoroughly professional task to ensure safety. After all, if not handled with care, they can cause some serious injuries and also damage to the property.

Due to the continual growth of newer branches and fronds, palms need regular cleaning services. In fact, seasonal cleaning helps to lower the cost of maintenance as higher trees with more fronds require more time and effort.

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Arborist Reports

Whether you need a report for your information or for a third party, we can provide you with:

Arborist reports

Tree assessment & management reports

Tree risk assessments (including Quantified Tree Risk Assessment)

Project Arborist Services Gold Coast

We provide advice on all aspects of tree management. Our experience with managing the urban forest means we can assist with resolving the most commonly encountered conflicts with a minimum of fuss. From calculating a Tree Protection Zone to root mapping and resolving tree versus infrastructure issues. We do tree protection fencing along with any other activities needed to ensure the health and maintenance of your trees.

Guidance and compliance

Not sure about the legal aspects related to your trees? We can help with services such as guidance with development and construction constraints, compliance certificates, tree reports for legal proceedings, and local government pre-start meetings. We are qualified to offer guidance regarding the two main standards in the industry:

Australian Standard AS4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites

Australian Standard AS4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees

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