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With over 20 years of experience, Urban Arb Solutions is driven by exceptional people who are passionate about the industry. Our local Gold Coast arborists all have extensive knowledge and up-to-date training; we believe continued education is so important.

We offer a range of arborist services in Gold Coast including tree removal, tree lopping, felling large trees, complex climbing, undertaking emergency callouts, controlling pests and diseases, tree stump removal, tree planting, tree relocation service, palm cleaning and mulching.

Catering to both domestic and commercial arboriculture needs we cover the entire Gold Coast Region. Our qualified Arborists come to you with modern equipment and are ready to complete your tree removal tasks safely and swiftly.

For all your Arborist Gold Coast needs, look no further than Urban Arb Solutions.

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With longevity in the industry, we work as the situation demands using a combination of techniques that include manual and mechanized ones. Experienced with complicated removals, we ensure no damage is caused to the property or areas around. We ensure the site area is left cleaned upon completion of works.

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Why would I need a local arborist to take care of my tree removal or tree trimming needs?

Arborists are professional tree care experts who have the training and experience necessary to provide you with quality tree services. They can help you select the right trees for your landscape, plant them properly, and provide ongoing maintenance to keep them looking their best.

In addition, arborists can help you with tree removal or tree trimming if necessary. They have the equipment and knowledge necessary to safely and effectively remove trees, as well as trim branches to keep your trees healthy and looking their best.

How can I get rid of tree stumps safely on my property?

If you have tree stumps on your property that you would like to remove, Urban Arb Solutions can grind your stump down to below ground level, allowing you to replant or use the area for another purpose. We have the equipment and experience necessary to safely and effectively remove tree stumps, no matter how large or small. Once the stump is removed, our professional arborist can also provide advice on how to prevent new stumps from forming in the future.

While there are different methods of eliminating an entire stump, we opt to use a stump grinder for our stump removal services as it is the most efficient way to remove a stump. The stump grinding process usually takes a few hours to complete, and once the stump has been ground down, it can be easily removed from your property. It also removes the risk of tree root decay and fire hazard as compared to chemical stump removers, which can cause long-term damage to your property. Grinding tree stumps is safer, more convenient, faster and more environmentally friendly. It is also effective on hardwood tree stumps, and will enable you to get rid of the entire root system more efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our stump grinding services.

What tree services do you offer?

We provide a variety of arborist services, including tree planting, gum tree removal, tree trimming, tree stump grinding and removal and tree maintenance. Our team has the knowledge and equipment necessary to properly plant and care for trees, as well as remove them safely if necessary. In addition, we can help you select the right trees for your landscape and provide ongoing maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Need tree lopping services to prevent overgrown branches and dangerous trees from encroaching on your property? Or do you perhaps urgently need a complete tree removal service? Don’t worry, our experienced team can handle any tree job safely no matter how big or small. We have the complete range of professional and affordable tree services and ensure an excellent job each time.

Do you offer a palm tree removal service?

Palm trees are popular in the Gold Coast region and are often used as ornamentals or street trees, and Urban Arb Solutions offers a professional palm tree removal service as well as other palm tree care services. From palm tree pruning to tree removals, we can help you trim overgrown palm fronds and remove a palm tree from your property whenever you need it. We also offer a palm tree stump removal.

When you remove palm trees with an arborist, you’re getting tree removal experts who understand different palm species and how to best approach the situation. We can handle the deep roots and root ball system typically found in mature large palm trees. It’s also important to consider that palm trees have venom coated tips on their trunk which can puncture through skin. This is another reason why it’s better to have an arborist removal service that knows how to properly handle and remove palm trees.

If you have a palm tree on your property that needs to be removed, or if you’re interested in other palm tree care services, contact Urban Arb Solutions today. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation and quote.

What is the difference between a qualified arborist and a Tree Lopper ?

Tree loppers are people who generally cut trees for a living without any formal qualifications. Arborists, on the other hand, are tree surgeons who have undertaken extensive training in all aspects of tree care. This includes species identification, risk assessment, pruning, cabling and bracing, diagnosis of tree health problems, prescription of tree health management programs, and removal of trees, tree stump and tree roots. A qualified arborist can assess trees, performing tree valuation and assist with land planning efforts on complex trees and urban forestry.

Arborists are also required to have a sound knowledge of arboriculture (the science of growing and maintaining trees). They’re well versed in different types of tree work and root systems whether you’ve got a large tree, an Australian native or other trees on your premises. When you want accurate advice, great service and a professional team, we strongly recommend the use of a fully insured arborist for your peace of mind.

What is an arborist report and what are some of its uses?

An arborist report is a document that contains the findings of an arborist’s inspection of a tree or trees. The report will usually include an assessment of the tree’s condition, recommendations for its care, and a schedule for future inspections. Arborist reports can be used for a variety of purposes, such as assisting with the development of a tree management plan, determining the need for tree removal or mop top tree pruning, and assessing the risk of a tree falling.

When you use a certified arborist, you can gain approval from the local council to carry out tree works that would not be possible with an uncertified worker. Overall, an arborist report is a valuable tool that can be used to make informed decisions about the care and management of trees and act as supporting documentation for any compliance or development requirements. With Urban Arb Solutions, you can review our arborist’s findings and recommendations for any required tree work. Contact our Gold Coast arborists today for an amazing job on your tree service.

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