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Whether you need a report for your information or for a third party, we can provide you with:


Tree assessment & management reports

Tree risk assessments (including Quantified Tree Risk Assessment)


We provide advice on all aspects of tree management. Our experience with managing the urban forest means we can assist with resolving the most commonly encountered conflicts with a minimum of fuss. From calculating a Tree Protection Zone to root mapping and resolving tree versus infrastructure issues. We do tree protection fencing along with any other activities needed to ensure the health and maintenance of your trees.


Not sure about the legal aspects related to your trees? We can help with services such as guidance with development and construction constraints, compliance certificates, tree reports for legal proceedings, and local government pre-start meetings. We are qualified to offer guidance regarding the two main standards in the industry:

Australian Standard AS4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites

Australian Standard AS4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees

Urban Arb Solutions offer comprehensive arborist report services across Australia, providing invaluable expertise in tree care and management. With a focus on environmentally sustainable practices, our team of certified arborists is committed to maintaining the health and safety of trees while ensuring the preservation of natural landscapes. In the vibrant region of Gold Coast, our specialised tree removal and tree loppers services stand out. Our skilled professionals employ cutting-edge techniques to safely and efficiently remove trees when necessary, always prioritizing the welfare of both the trees and the surrounding environment. Our dedication to quality, safety, and ecological integrity makes Urban Arb Solutions trusted partner for anyone seeking expert arborist services in Australia, particularly for tree removal and tree lopping on the Gold Coast.

With longevity in the industry, we work as the situation demands using a combination of techniques that include manual and mechanized ones. Experienced with complicated removals, we ensure no damage is caused to the property or areas around. We ensure the site area is left cleaned upon completion of works.


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