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Cost Of Pruning A Tree — Tree Pruning Services

If you have a tree on your property that requires pruning, you may be tempted to do the work yourself. After all, it’s just cutting off falling branches, right? And who knows more about the tree than the person who owns it? 

Before you start getting your saw out of the tool shed, think about hiring a professional tree pruner to do it for you. These experts have the knowledge and experience to prune your tree to keep it healthy and strong. Moreover, DIY lopping and pruning could cause injury or property damage.

For professional tree pruning services on the Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs, look no further than Urban Arb Solutions. With more than 20 years of experience and a team of trained arborists, we can prune your tree so it won’t overgrow. Call us today to get a free quote!

Considerations Between Pruning Mature Trees and Younger Trees

Pruning is a common tree management practice. Forest trees may thrive without it, but urban trees need more attention to preserve their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Understanding the biology of trees is necessary while pruning. Ineffective trimming can diminish a tree’s lifespan and even cause permanent harm. 

There are special considerations to take into account when pruning either young or mature trees. Compared to mature trees, younger ones can endure more live tissue loss. Generally speaking, older trees should only have less than 25% of the crown cut at once.

Pruning mature trees is risky. It is recommended to enlist a qualified arborist when the process requires working above the ground or utilising power tools. An arborist can decide what kind of trimming is needed to enhance your trees’ health, safety, and look. These professionals also have the necessary safety gear and liability insurance.

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Why Choose Urban Arb Solutions' Tree Pruning Service

Urban Arb Solutions is a tree pruning service company specialising in tree care and maintenance. We provide these professional services to help keep your trees healthy, strong, and safe for you and your property. Moreover, our tree pruning costs are some of the most competitive in the industry.
best arborists who care about keeping your trees healthy

Arborists who care about keeping your trees healthy

We’re not just a company that trims trees—we’re an organisation dedicated to the science and ethics behind tree care. We know that all trees are different, and we understand that each requires a unique approach when it comes to their treatment. That’s why when we look at your trees, we’ll consider everything from their species to their location and age. We will then recommend a care plan to keep them healthy and beautiful for years to come.
best experts on various tree species

Experts on various tree species

Our team of skilled professionals has been in the industry for over 20 years, and they have helped countless clients to achieve their desired results. We specialise in caring for trees in urban landscapes from domestic to commercial works, so whether you need a palm tree removal or a eucalyptus tree pruning, we’ve got your back.
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Emergency tree services

If you’ve got a situation on your hands and you need an emergency tree removal, Urban Arb Solutions is here to help. We offer 24-hour emergency services for people who need help with a tree that’s fallen in their yard or knocked down power lines. We understand how much of an inconvenience this can be, and how things can turn dangerous fast so we’ll do everything we can to make it right as quickly as possible.
best broad tree maintenance strategy

Broad tree maintenance strategy

Urban Arb Solutions offers thorough pruning services that include everything from removing dead wood to keeping your trees trimmed to the right height. We’ll help you create a plan that keeps your trees healthy and safe while still giving them enough room to grow. 

Our team of tree pruning experts will meet with you to discuss your needs and goals for your property’s trees, then devise an appropriate maintenance plan that incorporates their insights and the latest industry practices. We’ll also provide recommendations on how to care for your trees between visits and can supply an arborist report should you ever need them.

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Get A Professional Arborist For Compliance And Development Advice

If you are looking to prune your trees, it is vital to get a professional arborist to do the job. They have the skills and knowledge to ensure that your tree stays healthy and is not damaged in any way. There are many benefits to getting a professional arborist for assistance with tree pruning. One of the main reasons is safety. A trained professional can identify any potential risks and keep you safe while they work on your trees. A trained arborist will also ensure that all of their work meets Australian Standards AS4373 – 2007 (Pruning of amenity trees).

Book Our Arborists To Get Your Trees Pruned Today

Our tree pruning services are available all throughout the Gold Coast. We offer a wide range of services, including tree pruning, tree trimming, stump removal, mulching, fertilisation, and much more! If you need help with your trees or urban landscaping, call us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons you should hire a professional to prune trees. First, they will have the right tools and know how to use them effectively. Second, they’ll be able to determine the most appropriate course of action for any tree work in different situations. Finally, they’ll be able to provide science-backed recommendations to keep your tree healthy and strong. Get a quote today. Urban Arb Solutions offers the lowest cost of tree pruning in the Gold Coast.
Tree trimming services are usually performed to remove dead branches or to shape your tree’s overall aesthetic. Tree lopping is similar but involves removing entire branches from your tree. Tree pruning is also similar to these two, except it is done with greater consideration for the health and growth of the tree.
The care of small and large trees differs in the amount of time and effort that needs to be put into each. Large trees have a much more extensive root system, meaning they are less likely to suffer from diseases or damage from pests. However, large trees can be more challenging to prune than smaller ones because it is often necessary to climb onto scaffolding or use other equipment to reach the tree’s very dense canopy.
The most important thing you can expect from a qualified arborist is their experience. A qualified arborist has studied trees extensively, and they know how to administer care that protects their lifespan in different situations. They’ll also be able to fix the problems you’re having with your trees, and provide scientific advice as well as tree risk and management reports.
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